Why I want to quit quitting

I’m a happily married 29 year old woman, with an amazingly fun one year old. Here’s a picture of my family and I:


 I’m a sister, daughter, and friend to many.  I am blessed with a wonderful life.  But I’m also a quitter.   Always have been.  Below are some recent illustrations of me quitting.

Me three months ago:  I am SO excited to plant a super great herb garden and use it every day!



Me one year ago:  I am going to stop eating sugar.  It’s so horrible for me.


IMG_0463 (1)

Me three years ago:  I’m going to read my entire bible in a year.



Me about every 6 weeks for the last year:  I am going to change my profession.  I want to be a creative writer!



These occurrences (among many many more) got me thinking.  What if I quit quitting so much?  What would happen?  This blog is meant to help me track progress, and be accountable to my own goals, dreams, and started projects.  Maybe it will help someone else who’s trying to quit quitting too :0

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