My first challenge: mastering the pull up

Let me take you back in time, to my second grade year.

My least favorite subject was gym, and for good reason.  I wasn’t athletically inclined (I broke my arm 4 times- all in elementary school).  I was pretty anxious when testing came up during gym.  I remember vividly the teacher saying we had to attempt pull ups.  Waiting my turn in line I felt like I had to pee, my hands were getting sweaty, and my heart was pounding fast.  My turn was getting closer, when the MOST embarrassing thing happened.  I actually peed my pants.


Despite telling my peers that my mother forced me to wear jeans that weren’t yet dry that morning (which seemed convincing at the time), I was humiliated.

I know that mastering a pull-up isn’t anything like completing an Iron Man, or giving birth naturally.  But, to me it’s a huge deal.  I vowed to master the pull up at least 3 times throughout my life so far, and quit each time (often within minutes).


So the challenge is to complete 1 solid pull up, in 2 months.  I actually started working out on Monday, so today is day 3.  On October 14th, I will have a pull-up test (hopefully without the incontinence), with the goal of completing one.

Follow the progress on my training, and keep posted for videos and pics!

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