The Day 5 struggle

Today is day 5 of my pull-up challenge.  My first 3 days were great.  Sore, but great.  Day 4 was a little tough to be motivated, but I got through my workout, and sucked down a protein shake (only gagging 3 times).

But day 5.  DAY 5.  This must be when my quitting tendencies start to set in.  Today, my attitude was that of a toddler mid-tantrum.  Here is actual footage of me trying to get through my workout:


I went to this yoga class thinking, I could use some calm today, some peace.  This wasn’t so much yoga as much as kungfu backflip, Ninja warrior training mixed with punching, kicking, and really fast jumping jacks.  My goodness, how does she do jumping jacks that fricken fast?! At the very end of class, the instructor is all like “peace starts with you.  You can send peace to others today.”  You’re the worst.  Next class namastay on the treadmill.

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