Things I said I’d never do

I am surprised by the things I have completely changed my mind about, regarding nutrition and fitness.  Today is Day 9, and I’ve already changed my tune on many things.

  1. I’ll never drink protein shakes.  First of all, they’re disgusting.  Second, expensive.  And last, for jocks.  I would say I’m pretty far from “jock” but regardless, I drink one every day now.


2. I’ll never go to the gym 5 days a week or more.  I never felt it was necessary.  And, those people who work out that much are super into themselves.  But what I realized is, they probably just have goals like mastering a pull-up.

3. I’ll never try the things the no-shirt wearing, skinny, pretty girls do.  Why?  Because I would probably will fail and look super dumb.  But, now I take mental notes of what those girls do (and try them later), and rather than assume they’re bimbos, I remind myself that they look that good because they work that hard.

4. I’ll never do a pull-up.  I have said that many times.  But, I’m changing my tune.  I think I really will, given the work and time.


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