One day at a time

A goal like the pull-up seems so simple.  Work out, eat well.  Right?  It’s quite complicated actually.  It consumes your time.  I am so lucky to have a gym membership that allows for 2 hours of daycare each day.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of my weekly workouts:

Tuesday/Thursday: Barre class (full body light weights, & cardio), then shoulder, tricep, bicep workout

Monday:  Run 2 miles, uphill walk fast, 20 min.  Then assisted chin ups, push ups, and ab workout

Wednesday:  Yoga, OR stair master 30 min.  Then assisted chin ups, push ups, and ab workout

Friday: Run 3 miles, walk 1, OR a fitness class if timing allows, then assisted chin ups, push ups, and ab workout.

Saturday or Sunday: Barre class, or long walk with the family.

My diet:  I have gone for more protein, lower carb foods.  I end up having about 4 smaller meals throughout the day.

Meet-Fruits-Vegitables-Nuts (1)


Breakfast:  1 serving fruit, black coffee with a little soy milk

Snack:  Protein shake

protein shakes

Lunch: fruit, veggies, lean protein

Dinner:  Whatever we have as a family (usually a carb, protein, and veggie, and fruit after)

Overall, it’s a lot of work, and I definitely understand why it’s such an easy goal to quit on.  It also gives me more respect for the people who can do pull ups, because I know just how much work, thought, and time really goes into it.



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