Everything related to this pull up goal has been challenging.  Every day is hard.  It’s hard to stick to a healthy eating plan, it’s hard to lift higher weight, and to run a mile longer.  It’s hard to stick with it.

As a recovering quitter, I have SUCH a tendency to give up halfway through, or sometimes before I even start.  It’s way easier to quit on something, than it is to stick with it.  Today is day 15.  I went to a super high intensity fitness class, where I struggled my way through the class.  I went left when the instructor said right, jumped when she said to squat, and basically looked like an idiot.  I was always a step or beat behind.

But I showed up.  And I didn’t half-ass it either.  I truly gave it my all, and at the end of it I was proud of my work.  Some pics from the gym today:

Yesterday, my husband sent me a video of an inspiring woman who worked her butt off by running.  Videos like this help a ton!

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