Progress from the first 17 days

If you’re a teacher or know any teachers, you may know that it’s common to reflect on teaching progress every quarter.  I did that for this goal, too.  The first quarter (approximately 15 days) have definitely been worth all the work, frustration, and difficulty.


Here are some fun improvements!

  1. I went from needing 70 lbs. of help on the assisted Chin up machine, to needing 55 lbs. of help.
  2. I went from running 2 miles, to running 3.5!
  3. I went from using 3 lb. weights in Barre class, to using the 5 lb. weights.
  4. I went from doing the stair master for 20 minutes, to 30 minutes.
  5. I went from using 10 lb. weights to 12 lb. weights for my arm workouts
  6. I can hold yoga and Barre poses longer
  7. I have some muscles in my abs that are finally starting to show a bit!
  8. My legs feel leaner


So I can definitely see some great improvements.  I still need to work on one area:  Food intake.  It’s challenging to do, but I need to double my protein intake (and decrease my sweets intake ;).  It is really really hard to get in all the protein, even with shakes.  Open to any low carb, high protein recipe recommendations!





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