The power of daily tracking

Sometimes you don’t know how well something is working until you quit doing it.  I was tracking my protein, water intake, reps, speeds, weight, etc. for my workouts for the first 2 weeks consistently.

Every time I drank a glass of water, I wrote it down.  Every time I ate protein, I added the total for the day.  Every day I wrote exactly how much weight I lifted, how many times, and added notes to self.  But then I got a little lazy, and stopped tracking everything.


Naturally, when I stopped tracking my protein it went down to almost none.  My water intake was horribly low, and I couldn’t remember the last workout’s details enough to know what I should do for the next one.

I re-dedicated myself to daily tracking.  The more conscious of it the better, and the more I write things down, the more protein and water I get, and I’m better organized for my workouts.  This isn’t my system, I usually use my phone’s “notes” app, but this one below is a good one:

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