Half-way Progress

The half-way mark for my pull-up challenge was 2 days ago.  So, technically today is day 32.  I have seen some great progress.  I would say I am the closest to doing a pull-up now than I’ve ever been.  Also…. I’m still super duper far away from it, ha!

Here’s what I’m learning.  It’s a lot harder to train for a pull up than I thought.  I don’t have all the knowledge I need.  There’s much more technique than I ever knew.  So, I have to start practicing them with better technique.   My sister sent me an article that lays out some awesome tips.  So today I started adding some new exercises into my routine that should help.

slow progress

Some of my progress:

  1. I can do assisted chin ups with 45 lbs. of help, rather than 70 lbs of help.
  2. I lost 3 pounds of what I’m guessing is fat!
  3. I can do 8 REAL push-ups at a time (first time ever!)
  4. I’m keeping up in my fitness classes much more than when I started

Although I don’t look much different, my body feels a lot stronger.  And, I go into my workouts with way more confidence.  Dare I say I even look forward to my daily workout?!  That’s a first 🙂

The picture on the left was day 1, and on the right was day 30.  I’ve made small progress toward a pull up, but I still have PLENTY to work on!



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