The Healthy Eating Struggle

Like many many MANY women, I struggle to consistently eat healthy.  I get on a diet, and off it the same day.  Or, I do great for 4 days, and horrible for the next 3.  I am beginning to learn that eating struggles are much more mental than physical.

eat one

We hear SO many eating tips from countless sources- so many that we have lost the ability to trust our own bodies.  “Eat protein in the morning, ALWAYS eat breakfast, eat nuts especially, but don’t eat nuts because they’re high in calories, actually they have healthy fats so eat them all the time!  Don’t eat too much fruit, but substitute sugary foods with fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not too much.  Don’t eat late at night, and don’t eat too many carbs.  Eat carbs to fuel your body after a workout, but be careful!  They’re not good for you.  Actually they are.  Eat brown rice and quinoa.  A lot.  But not too much”…. you get my point.

eating clean

If I restrict, I binge on chocolate later.  If I don’t restrict at all, I will gain a million pounds.  Currently I have no plan on how to tackle the eating situation, but I know I’m ready to try.  Usually I’d start by researching, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea!


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