Closer to a Goal, and yet Further than I Thought

While it feels amazing to feel myself get stronger, I definitely underestimated a goal like the pull-up.  So today is day 40 and I have improved tremendously in regards to upper body and core strength.  Even still, I am SUPER far away from a legitimate pull-up.


I don’t want to take away from all the work I have done to get where I am.  For the first time EVER I have stuck with something consistently for 40 days.  Never before have I done that.


You know that feeling when you start researching something you’re interested in, only to find you know less about it than ever before?  That’s how this feels.  I get closer in many ways, but I am still so far away.  Lots and lots of work to be done, and I won’t meet my goal in 60 days like I hoped, but maybe in another month or two after that I will.  SOME DAY I will 🙂



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