Dairy Fairies, are you There??

Forget Fairy Godmothers… I need a Dairy Fairy.  A tiny little magical fairy who can sprinkle me with magic so I can tolerate dairy again.

For the first nine months of breastfeeding my baby (who has a diary allergy) I gave up dairy.  When I had it, we realized it really upset our baby’s tummy.  So, I gave it up for 9 months altogether, and had VERY little for the following 3.

cow meme

Then at 12 months old, my baby stopped breast feeding.  YAY I can have all the dairy I want again!!  WRONG.  You see, when you go off dairy for a long period of time, your body adjusts to not having to digest it.  So, when you re-introduce it into your diet, you may find you are lactose intolerant.

I have read up on it and spoken with many others, and it turns out this is very common.  When I eat dairy, it causes serious stomach pain and nausea.  I believe you can slowly re-introduce it, which I might try later on.  For now, I’m staying away from it because of how sick I have gotten.

nachos love
How I actually felt eating nachos

So, dairy fairies if you’re up there… Please come save me! 😦




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