Here’s What Happened on Day 40

So today is day 40.  Something really exciting happened for me today (and no it’s not doing a pull-up).  Today, on Day 40 I (for the first time ever) wished my workout wasn’t over.  I know, it seems so boring.  But I actually have begun craving moving my body.  I never EVER thought I would feel this way.  So if you wondered how long someone has to work out for before they truly enjoy it, I guess the answer is 40 days (for myself at least).

day 40

How does it feel to crave moving your body?  I wanted to stretch longer, lift more, do ten more minutes of cardio, and challenge my muscles a few more extra reps.  It’s like when you crave pizza or ice cream, but it’s a more satisfying experience when you can give your body the movement and challenge it wants.

moving your body

I feel like I finally understand people who do squats for fun, and use 2 hours for their workouts.  The stronger I get, the more fun working out is!  I hope this feeling sticks around 😉





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