When in Vegas

What is it about being on vacation that requires we eat and drink far too much, and do less moving than normal?  I have yet to experience a vacation where I don’t gain a pound or two.


My husband and I (and some other friends) went to Vegas for a long weekend.  We had lots of delicious food.  The time away from home and the normal structure was nice.

Of course, I know I’m getting close to the end of the 60 day challenge.  We went on a hike one morning with our whole group.  It was fun, but not very challenging.

I had planned on working out at least one other day, but didn’t.  And I felt myself letting go slightly of my goal, and all my hard work so far.  BUT we are back now, and it’s time to get back to work!  Today is day 53.  While I’m certain I won’t complete a pull up in 7 days, I am still excited to get back to work and keep going.




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