Transitioning Back After a Vacation

I mentioned last time that while on vacation I didn’t do as well as I hoped with eating healthy and working out often.  I suppose that is to be expected.

fat boy

What I wasn’t expecting was to have SUCH a difficult time getting back into my healthy routine when I got back.  Over the first week back, I only worked out 3 days and one of those was 20 minutes!  Things seemed to come up, baby was sick, the days were busy, etc.  But that isn’t out of the ordinary.  Distracting tasks and unexpected things happen all the time.  The difference right now is that I allow those to get in the way.  When I was on track, I did what I needed to in order to get my workouts in and eat generally healthy.


But I’m off the program for about a week and everything unravels.  Usually, this is how my quitting behavior starts.  I fall off a band wagon, and eventually just give up on it.  But, today is day 57.  I vowed to get back on track and keep at it for the next four days.



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