The night before the big day

Today is day 59.  My original goal was to master a pull-up.  I wanted to do it 60 days later, so tomorrow.  But I know I can’t do one yet.  I know that when I try tomorrow to see my progress, it will probably look similar to the first trial 59 days ago.

It’s a little disheartening.  But, I probably didn’t have the most realistic timeline.  I also fell off the band wagon a couple times, and especially struggled with getting enough protein.

So, while I am not super excited to try my pull up tomorrow, I know it’s important information to help me continue making gains.  I also am interested in changing up my workouts to incorporate more variety in back lifting exercises.  I have learned some new moves or strategies to help me get there.  Tomorrow I will re-write out a new plan to help me get closer!


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