DAY 60!

Well.  Here it is.  Day 60 of my 60 day pull-up challenge. The moment of truth.


I was quite concerned that I would try my pull up today, and it would go like this:

Oh wait….It did.

Although I can still not do a pull up, I don’t feel the desire to give up.  The thing about failure is that the bark is worse than the bite.  The fear of failure is a powerful thing, but when you allow yourself to try something and fail anyway, it doesn’t feel that bad.  It’s not that scary, and it’s not that disheartening.  The fear of failure is WAY worse than actual failure.

Anyway.  Although I can’t do a full pull up, my jump pull up (which is basically using a little momentum by jumping) has gotten much better!  Here’s my jump pull-up from today:

So, it may not look like much, but I am definitely making progress.  I’m going to see what the next month can bring!




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