My Experience with Muscle Confusion

I never really believed in muscle confusion: the theory that your muscles have to continuously experience different exercises and movements to continue growing and strengthening.  I didn’t believe it because it seems silly that our muscles “get used to” the same thing over and over.


I do believe it now though.  For the first 63 days of working out, I did a large variety of classes and workouts.  In a normal week, I did Yoga, Barre, TCX (high interval training), Warrior Sculpt, running/walking, uphill fast walking, jogging, a variety of ab, arm, and back exercises, and rowing.  And I made a lot of progress doing so.

This next month I might try to add a couple new types of classes here and there as well, along with changing up my own lifting routines.

If you are interested in gaining muscle, I definitely recommend doing a variety of workouts.  Not only does it help your muscles get stronger, but it absolutely helps you stay on track, as it’s not as tedious and boring.



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