More on Protein

This week I am really focusing on nutrition.  From my first 2 months of working toward a pull up, I mostly focused on the weight lifting and working out piece.  This definitely helped me improve my strength, but I know that if I had been more diligent with my nutrition (especially protein) I would have come even further.

how much protein

For someone who doesn’t naturally gravitate toward meat, fish, and other high-protein foods, it’s so easy to accidentally forget about it.

I have read that a woman who is 140 pounds (this was just the example in the article I found from which is a great source and website full of research-based info) who is trying to gain muscle should take in 117 grams of protein.  I can’t remember the exact equation to get that number, but that would mean for me I should get about 105 or so, I’m guessing.  Know how much I get naturally without counting?  About 20.

So for like a whole day I tried to get over 100 grams of protein, and it was way too hard.  After an encouraging discussion with my sister, I have decided to try to get at least 60 each day.   Here was my lunch today: Cottage cheese with clementine, apple chicken sausage and half a kale salad (those salad kits).  This meal gave me about 26 grams of protein.  img_0868.jpg



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