5 foods I am surprised have so much protein

As I’ve been researching more recipes, snack ideas, and skimming nutrition labels, I have learned that many foods have protein that I didn’t consider before.

  1.  Lattes (milk really):  I knew milk has protein.  But, I always considered my love for a good vanilla latte a bad choice, not a good one.  In a small 12 oz. latte there are 5-9 grams of protein (depending on where you get it, which milk, etc.)

Protein-Packed Latte_square

2.  Wheat bread:  Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?  A slice of wheat bread (at least the kind I currently have) has 5 grams of protein.  So make a sandwich and it adds 10 grams of protein (along with some other good nutrients).

wheat bread

3.  Kale:  It’s low calorie, tasteless in smoothies, is a great filler for a salad, and packed with nutrients.  While protein isn’t it’s most significant nutrient, it does have 3 grams of protein in 1 cup.  So, if you have a salad with Kale, you may be adding 6 grams or so of protein without even realizing it!

Kale yeah

4.  Chili:  I already knew that Chili had protein.  Duh, beans and meat? Of course.  But I didn’t realize how much.  In a serving of canned chili (with beans and meat) there are about 17 grams of protein (half a small can).  Most people add shredded cheese right?  That adds another 7 grams if you add a whole serving.  So you’re at 24 grams, and that’s in one serving.  Who eats only one serving of Chili?


5.  Edamame:  Again, I knew it had protein.  But I didn’t know that in 1/2 a cup there are 9 grams of protein.  So eat a cup and you get 18!  That’s almost as much as a serving of meat.


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