Why I have been somewhat successful

This morning I was at a Mom’s group, and one mom quoted the author/pastor John Maxwell.  It was this:

Success is found in daily routine

Never before have I seen this to be so true than now.  What I have going for me is my desire for structure.  I have gone to the gym consistently 5-sometimes 6 days a week for the past 2.5 months, because it’s part of my routine.  I don’t wake up and question it.  I don’t change my plan because a better offer comes along.

well consistency

When I make plans with people, the times I designated for the gym are off limits.  I don’t say I’m free during those times.  I’m not free, I’m at the gym.  Obviously if something serious comes up I will modify my plan.  If Freddy is sick I will take him on a walk or workout in the living room while he watches Paw Patrol for 30 min. instead.  But generally speaking, I stick to my plan.

stay the course

I was not always good at staying on track.  Really, isn’t that the definition of quitting?  Not staying on track?  I decided that I was going to be all in.  And once I made that decision, I’ve had some success with my fitness.  Let me emphasize SOME, not like super amazing results- yet :0




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