LATS of insight

On Monday I met with a personal trainer.  This sounds so fancy, but the only reason I went was because I got a free 1 hour session for my consistent attendance at the gym (also I’m guessing so I’ll sign up and spend more money).

I used my hour wisely.  I explained to the PT that I want to do a pull-up.  And, that I made some progress but I’d love more insight.  I learned a few really helpful things.

  1.  The Lat muscles are larger and harder to engage than I thought.  I knew they were back muscles.  But I didn’t know they stretched from under the armpit and all the way down to almost the top of the butt.  I also didn’t realize I wasn’t engaging the whole muscle when working them.

2.  It takes way more focus to work them than I thought.  The PT had me do very simple exercises that brought awareness to me about how it feels when the whole muscles are engaged.  If I stopped thinking about the Lats, I immediately went back to poor form, and wouldn’t feel it anymore.


3.  Lat warm ups are a thing.  Not only a thing, but something that I can do every day that will help me engage them and work them better.  So it’s a small circuit of things that seem pointless but really do help.  It consists of stretching them, pushing down on an object in front of me for a few seconds to engage them, rolling them out with a foam roller, and practicing hanging from the pull up bar.  I know it sounds crazy, but after doing these things, I was sore the next day.  Must be something to it!

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