Practical Fast Meals

As I continue learning more about foods, and nutrients, I have sort of collected my “go to” meals for lunches when I’m eating on my own.  Here are some photos of my recent easy meals/snacks:

1/2 Salad Kits with a few add-ons: 


I split the salad kit in half and use the second half for the next day.  My favorite kit is the Kale salad kits because Kale adds some protein, and has other great nutrients too.  I throw in nuts, or top it with eggs to add more protein as well.  Sometimes, I add lunch meat, pre-packaged grilled chicken strips, or even a chicken or turkey sausage on the side.

Edamame between meals:


My toddler and I love edamame.  I top it with a bit of salt, and it’s just as good as a handful of chips, but with more added nutrients.

Pre-made meals:


I’m not a super awesome cook.  And sometimes I’m too lazy to even put my own salad together, ha!  So, on days like that I pick up a pre-made meal from the gym cafe.  This one is a seasoned turkey burger with veggies.  Nice to mix things up sometimes.


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