My least (but also most) favorite ab exercises

I don’t particularly enjoy working my abs.  It’s uncomfortable, and boring.  But it’s also the spot I have seen the most results from working.  So it’s worth it to do, and keep at it.  Here are the ones that I hate doing, but find them worth it:

  1. The dreaded Planks:  Yep.  Just the old fashioned, straight forward planks.  I do them consistently a few times a week (1 minute, three times), and am certain a lot of my strength in my core came from this super simple and boring move.


2.  Fab 4’s:  This is really 4 different moves in a series.  I learned them first in Track in High School, but brought them back 12 years later for my pull up challenge.

Scissor Kicks:  Laying on your back, legs about 6-12 inches off the ground in front of you, move them like a scissors, both vertically and horizontally.

In & Outs: Same idea, but you bring your legs into the chest and back out.

Bicycles:  You know these, I bet.

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