To the Nike Thief at the Gym

Since starting at the gym 5 months ago, I have lost two pairs of brand new Nike workout shoes!  And by lost, I mean I leave them out, and later realize I left them there.  But both times they have not been found anywhere.  Missing. Disappeared.  Poof.

I assume they aren’t making it to lost and found because they’re taken.  So if I could write a letter to the Nike Thief, it would say this:

Dear Nike Thief,

Thank you for enjoying my shoe style.  I agree it’s quite on point.  I’m flattered that you like my style so much that you absolutely must have it.  But, stealing is wrong.  And even though I left them out on accident, you still shouldn’t take them.

But since you are desperate, you may keep them.  But please don’t take my next pair, since you have two perfectly good (and cute) ones already! 😉

From, Sarah


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