Insight for “Recovering Quitters”

It’s day 86 of my pull-up challenge.  I have been doing my workouts, and overall improving my diet and protein intake.  I’m tracking all this stuff, and reflecting daily.

In the meantime, I also want to learn more about this “recovering quitter” stuff.  Things like how do I reach all my goals, keep believing I can, not fall back into quitter mentality, keep pushing forward, etc.  So, I started reading this book:

you are a badass

I want to share some insight the book has to offer.  So far, I would recommend it.  The author is super funny and relatable.  My favorite piece of advice so far is that if you want your life to improve in some area or another, you have to shift your mindset from “I want to change my life” to “I’m deciding to change my life.”  So simply from wanting, to deciding.  Deciding involves action.  Wanting does not.

I’m not very far in the book yet, so I’ll post more about it as I find highlights and helpful tips.


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