When Your Brain’s a Drama Queen

Ah, the good old human brain.  So complex, with it’s ego, superego, and Eggo waffles, and such.

I took a small unplanned break from my pull up challenge.  For four days I didn’t workout, track protein, greens, or water, and instead ate a lot of sugary carbs.  Things came up, my baby got real sick, my 30th birthday celebrations with friends and family occurred, and to be honest I wasn’t in the mood to be all healthy.

First time I told the treadmill I’m 30, ahhh!

Now my birthday is over, and Freddy is on the mend, so today it’s time to get back on track.  I went to the gym.  As I walked in I noticed my thoughts spewing out all kinds of negativity.

My brain:  You haven’t worked out in FOREVER.  You’re 30 now, so real likely to break a hip or ankle.  The most you can do is speed walk for a half a mile.  You ate SO much sugar that you gained 74 pounds!  Maybe working out isn’t the best idea today.  Maybe instead you should buy a life alert and eat some celery.

Britain, UK, Europe. Grey haired senior woman pensioner exercising with dumbbell hand weights to keep healthy
How my brain saw myself pre-workout today

But after my workout, my brain’s tune changed:  Wow, you are amazing!  You just ran 3 miles, and did jump pull ups, and back, abs, and chest work?  You killed it.  And, you feel pretty light actually, no noticeable weight gain.  Nice job!  So youthful, strong, and awesome! (:))

Well, I can’t remember all the technical stuff about our brain, but thank goodness for an understanding of reality! Day 90, back at it 🙂




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