Reflecting on Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is (and always has been) a tricky thing for me (to be consistent with).  Like so many other women, I have struggled with eating habits in the past.  And, continue to mentally struggle over good vs. bad food, yo-yo dieting, restricting and giving into temptation.

But, when I made the switch to counting protein instead of counting calories, I found some peace in healthier eating.  When I can see the good and positive things in food, instead of the negative things, it helps me to keep level-headed.  For me, it isn’t about eating smaller amounts, less sugar (although I used to think it was), as much as it is putting in the food that will benefit my body most.

Eating is an area of health that I’m working on.  I have to be truthful to myself, and say that I am not on the straight and narrow path with it.  But with some reflection, prayer, and help from other books and insight, I’m hopeful!

Here are a couple lunches from this week:


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