The “Alien Exercise”

I’m not talking about a physical exercise you do at the gym.  The book I’m reading, You Are a Badass talks about our realistic expectations for our life.  There’s an exercise the author explains, that can help you see your true “callings” or passions for life and realign yourself with them.

The idea is you pretend you’re an alien who inhabits your current physical body.  You look at your life through the eyes of a stranger, examine what your gifts and talents are, things you care about, what you like doing, etc. and make a list.


I tried this exercise, only to find that many of the things I think I’m good at and enjoy, aren’t the things I’m doing!

Things I like doing that I don’t do include creative writing (poetry, children’s writing), learning and practicing photography, enjoying art by others, and dance.  Other things included volunteering (rarely do this), and showing spontaneous kindness.  All of these things are things I once did for a period, but for whatever reason quit doing.

find time for happy

It seems we restrict ourselves because we’re adults, with busy schedules.  We give ourselves reasons to stop doing things we love.  Don’t get me wrong, I know we have more important things to do, but I bet we ALL could find 10 or more minutes a day to do something we love.

Anyway, I thought this exercise was so insightful.  I encourage you to try writing out a list as well 🙂


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