Call Me Plateau Platypus

Today is day 97 of my 60 day pull up challenge.  I like to remind myself that it’s well past my original time frame, because it reminds me that I have decided to keep going until the goal is met.  Anyway, I was in a class called TCX this morning.  It’s always challenging, but I looked at my hand weights and realized I use the same ones I’ve used for a month.  And the class is super hard even still.

Then I started to reflect on how for many weeks straight I have been needing 40 lbs. of help on the assisted chin up machine.  This is a little frustrating!  I tried 35 and it seemed so much harder, like hardly possible.  How can 5 lbs. seem like too big of a difference?

And I haven’t run more than 4 miles yet, but I reached 4 miles like 2 months ago!  (This one might be more because I’m a little lazy, and 4 miles seems like eternity on the treadmill).  So, I have hit a plateau.

Although it’s frustrating to feel like I’m not moving closer to my goal, it must just be that I need to mix things up.  Hoping to get over this flat line soon!




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