The Power of a Task Performance Goal

I have a very long history of dieting, working out, eating healthy, eating unhealthy, not working out, doing cardio but not lifting, and every combination you can imagine.  But NEVER before have I felt stronger, been leaner, and felt better than I do now.  This is me:

Child in white t-shirt

The success is because for first time my goal isn’t to “be skinny.”  My goal is based on a task.  And I’m not going to stop working at it until it’s met.

Being skinny is a horrible goal because it’s not measurable.  It’s not as clear cut as doing a pull up is.  Can I do a pull up or not?  That’s it.  “Skinny” includes all kinds of ambiguity.  How skinny?  How should I measure that?  When do I say it’s met?  Is it even a sign of healthy? The truth is, I’ll never win with that goal.  I’ll never think my body is just right.  Which is why it’s so easy to quit.  So rather than focus on that never-ending goal, I’m focusing on something more measurable, like a task performance goal (doing a pull up).  And it’s the healthiest I have been, ever.



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