Reflections from Today

Today is day 108 of my 60 day pull up challenge.  Still can’t do a pull up.  I’m getting closer each week, though!  I’m feeling strong, and healthy.

Do not watch clock

Today I was in a Barre class, and a beginner was right next to me.  I couldn’t help but notice her struggling.  It didn’t make me happy to watch her have a hard time, but it did make me happy reflecting on how I was her exactly 108 days ago!

Today I kept up with the whole class.  It was still incredibly challenging (as it always should be), but it felt so great to reflect on how far I have come with my strength!

Success a journey


I spoke with her a little bit.  She goes to many of the cardio-based classes.  She mentioned she gets more benefit from cardio.  I couldn’t help but think about how backwards that is, and how I used to believe that same thing.

Two options with blank road signs

Now my method flopped, and I do cardio a couple/few times a week but put WAY more emphasis on the strength training.  And, I’m the most fit I’ve been so far.  I’m really starting to believe in the power of strength training.

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