When Life Takes Priority

My son has been struggling with different illnesses over the last month.  In fact, in three weeks he had 3 different illnesses, and has been in the ER twice, and had 3 dr. visits.  All sorts of tests were done, blood drawn 3 times.  He’s only 17 months old!  It’s been rough.  This was Freddy at the ER on Sunday:


As you can imagine, during these days I do not make it to the Gym.  I’ve been on another break for the last 3 days.  And, I probably won’t make it tomorrow either.

When something happens like this, it not only takes my eyes off a goal (which is fine, his health is way more important), but it also causes me anxiety, a harder time sleeping, and cravings for sweets and salty snacks.  All things together, it’s not good.

Just hoping that Freddy can get healthy and we can get back to our routine in the near future.  Hopefully I won’t backtrack too much on the goal.  Luckily, Freddy seems to be recovering.


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