Here’s Why I Love Self Help Books

I mentioned before that I’m reading this book You Are a Badass, by Jen Sincero.  I read a few pages most evenings.  Last night there were some particularly good tips and insights that were exactly what I needed to read.  These two quotes spoke to me so much.



Both of these points are so relevant for me.  I always start something, not realizing how difficult it will be to stick to, and once it’s uncomfortable or no longer fun, I quit.  I really love the first quote.  It takes the sting out of making mistakes.

This insight was just what I needed, during a time when I’m unable to make it to the Gym, stuck in the apartment.  Today I didn’t let that excuse stop me.  Here I am, post living-room workout, while my toddler naps:


Not the most ideal workout, but it’s better than doing nothing!


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