How my Week Off Influenced my Progress

This week I’m back on track, after a week or so off.  I managed to get two short workouts in while my sick baby was sleeping, but not super great ones.  A few things I noticed after my week off:

  •  My stamina was not as strong.  On Monday I went to my usual TCX class.   I didn’t expect to see a difference in my cardiovascular abilities, but I seriously lost steam by 45 minutes in.  The last 15 minutes were SO brutal!  I wanted to take a nap right there on my step bench.
  • IMG_1077
    Setting up for TCX on Monday
  • My Assisted Chin Up abilities got better!  I don’t know why, or how, but somehow      the break helped me take off another 5 lbs. of help!  Now I need 30 lbs, rather than 35.
  • I lost a couple pounds.  Not sure how.  Unless I quickly lost muscle, which in that case is not good.  But, it could also be why I was more successful on the assisted chin up.

Overall, a week off is not the worst thing to happen.  I used to believe that a week off would ruin my progress altogether, so I might as well just quit.  My quitter tendencies would say it wasn’t worth it.  But actually, it wasn’t so bad.

My toddler working on his balance at the gym! American Ninja Warrior in training!

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