Current progress on a pull-up

So I have been working toward a pull up for 123 days.  I still cannot do a pull up, but I am SUPER close!  I’m hoping I will be able to do one before Christmas, or at least early in January.  I need a little momentum from a small jump, but I decided that is okay.  My original plan was to just get over the bar, anyway necessary.  Then, I learned about all the different forms of a pull up.

I’m content going for a solid jump-pull up, where my chin gets over the bar.  I’m super close!  I’ll post a video sometime this coming week.

Although it’s taking so long, I have been uplifted by all the fun changes I’ve seen while working toward this goal.  Once I master the pull up, I will summarize the lessons learned, changes made, etc.  Getting excited, can’t wait to finally do one! Eeeeh!



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