Mixing Healthy With Festive

Unlike every other year in my past, I’m trying to keep a balance around food and healthy habits this Christmas season.  Usually this is me:


And, my activity level is usually like this:


FYI there is nothing wrong with this, so long as you feel okay with it.  But I never feel okay with it.  I always feel guilty, bloated, and down in the dumps afterward.  This year I’m trying to do better.

Santa running

Today in my Barre class, the instructor handed out Christmas sparkly beads to wear as we worked out.  That was really fun! And while I have made christmas cookies and enjoyed a few, I also have made salads with Christmas colors, and yogurt parfaits with green and red fruits too.

Xmas yogurt
This wasn’t actually mine, but it had strawberries and kiwi.

I found a beautiful dress I want for New Year’s Eve, and plan to get it.  This helps keep me motivated to eat more veggies and less cookies, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

new years eve dresses



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