The Dreaded “First Day Back”

This winter has been rough for my little family of three.  I mentioned before that Freddy was sick three times in three weeks.  Then this week, my husband and I both caught the stomach flu. It’s really going around.


So today I had another first day back at the gym.  It had been 4 days since I’ve worked out.  Today in my barre class, between squeezes and pulses of the thighs, I started thinking about how many “first days back” I have had.  At least a dozen in the last 127 days.

They’re so annoying.  You’re out of your groove, you feel weaker, more winded, more out of shape, etc.  I hate that feeling.  Then I realized, quitters quit so they don’t have to feel that.  So they don’t have to experience “the first day back.”  It’s not a question of will you need to start over, as much as when will you need to start over?  And, will you do it?


So today I’m proud that for like the millionth time, I had another first day back.  As long as I keep having them, I haven’t quit.

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