My 2nd Goal: Photography

In college, I took a really fun photography class to fill an art credit.  I remember having no clue how to use a camera, but by the end of the class, I was very comfortable using one.


Fast Forward a decade, and here I am, with a camera that I literally don’t know how to turn on, let alone charge.  I remember nothing about my class.

But, I’m in a place now where I really want to learn.  I want to see where I can go with it.  Could I use it as a creative hobby?  Could I take amazing pics of my family?  Could I start a side business?  Could I make it into a career?  Could I win contests?!

dream big

I used to think it was crazy to dream things like that.  But, now I think it’s crazy not to.  So.  Photography it is.  In the next week, I’ll look into mini-goals I can set and reach, and classes I could take, all within the topic of photography.  Join me in my progress!  I’ll be posting a few times a week!


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