Progress Over 127 Days

A few days ago I completed a pull-up!  I set out to complete one in 60 days, and after working for 127 days I did it.  Here’s how it feels:

I did it

It was incredible.  But more exciting yet, is the transformation I feel inside and out.  Here are my Day 1, and Day 127 photos side by side.  (I apologize for how terrible the pics are.  They were snapped very quickly in the locker room).


Yeah, it’s pretty hard to tell the differences because of the pictures, but they’re there! Here are some other physical changes:

Day 1 I weighed 132.  Day 127 I weighed 128.  I can do 10 solid push ups at once (not on my knees!) and when I started I could maybe do 1.  On the assisted chin up machine I started needing 70 lbs. of help, and by day 127, I only needed 30 lbs to help me.

Those are the main physical changes.  Of course my endurance is better, and I don’t tire nearly as easily as before.  The pull up challenge really got my entire body in shape!  It was well worth the work.

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