What I Learned from Mission Pull-Up

Of all the changes that happened to me because of working out and eating mostly better, the biggest change was mental.  It’s simply that I’m more confident.

coffee and confidence
Aint that the truth

After doing a pull up, my confidence has grown a ton.  Here are some fresh thoughts I have related to my goals, as a result:

  1. Lots of people can do a pull up, and now I’m one of them too.
  2. Photography may be really hard to learn, but lots of people have.  It’s easily possible for me.
  3. There’s no reason I can’t meet my goals.  I’m capable, smart, and willing to learn.
  4. Children’s writing is a tough area to break into, but my stories are great.  I can start over again, one step at a time.
  5. My goals are not too high, too hard, or too out of reach.  If I’m willing to do the work, I can meet them all.

Thank you Pull up challenge!  I have the confidence to tackle my other goals, because of you! 🙂

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