Procrastination: The Enemy of Recovering Quitters

My last blog post explained that my next mission is to tackle photography.  Something I started in college, and then quit.  But, I have been avoiding thinking about it, writing about it, researching it, etc.


Why would I procrastinate on a goal like this?  Many reasons.  It’s uncomfortable, I HATE learning technology, it will cost money, and take up time, and I’ll have to practice during the time I have free (which will seriously interrupt my nightly Friends marathoning).

And I know this is what you’re thinking right now:


However, the only thing worse than having to learn photography is NOT learning photography.  It’s a goal I have, I love the creative outlet it provides, it’s a neat hobby to practice, and I really really want to be good at it!  I’m going to have to put in the work to get out what I want.  So my first goal is to find a class and sign up.  Then I’ll work on turing on the camera?  😉


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