New Goals

It’s so fitting that my new phase (photography) began right at the new year.  I know not everyone likes the idea of New Year’s resolutions, but I always have.  Never before have I stuck to them, because, quitting.


Today I met my first goal of simply signing up for a photography class.   The first class is January 29th.  This is good, because it gives me some time to become familiar with the super basic features of my camera.  Things like the power button (and a bunch of other words I have yet to learn).

Who took this pic of me?!!

It’s really hard to list out certain goals I have related to photography, because I have yet to learn enough about it to create goals.  But, here are a few I do know I have:

  1. Learn to take clear pictures without auto setting on
  2. Become confident enough to take pics in public without feeling like an idiot
  3. Complete a photo project of my grandparents’ farm, maybe in black and white.
  4. Take at least one picture every day starting today





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