Photography 101 Resources

I think that “youtube” could be called “itube” in that it can be used to teach yourself so many skills.  I just youtubed “how to use a cannon EOS 80D”  (which I learned is the title of my camera) and multiple tutorials came up.  Thanks to This one  I know some basic features of my camera already!


I’m pretty much a professional at turning my camera on and charging it now 😉  Another resource I remembered I had (and dusted it off) is a book my husband Rocky bought me.


I plan to use youtube and this book to help get me a little in the know before my class starts at the end of the month.  Lastly, I have a handy dandy good old fashioned notebook to take my notes in (found it under the bed, it’s old, but not so old that I shouldn’t be ashamed of the pattern;)


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