Took the Camera on a Walk

Today I took my camera with me on a short walk around our apartment area.  I figured there’s no harm in trying, but actually there was. I slipped on some ice!  My camera was fine, as was I.

So, shooting outside is SO different than inside.  Inside my apartment photos come out nice and greenish yellow, like they look dirty or something?  Outside they are bright and white.  Everything is washed out.  Here are a few of the most successful- yep I said MOST successful 😉

I call this “wonder” … what it is
This one I call “Pineda in focus”
And this masterpiece: “Run away before they realize I’m creepy!”

To be honest, I actually like the last one.  Imagine if the lighting was better, and there wasn’t an apt. in the background, and it was more in focus.  Kind of neat right?

Anyway, it was really fun to get outside and try.  Hopefully with more practice they will look better and better!



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