Creative Spirits Must Create

I just started working on photography, and have lots and lots to learn.  But, something changed in me once I started using the camera.

It’s hard to explain, but I started to feel like my “old self.”  I started working on my creative writing again too.  It also helps bring back my “old self.”

I used to spend hours and hours on creative writing, and artistic hobbies.

But then, I got my job (one I really liked), and got married (to a man I really like), and began doing adult things.  Watching HGTV, going to bed at 10 pm, meal prepping, reading books about parenting, etc.  I didn’t have any time to be creative! I was too busy neglecting my herb garden to work on my creative hobbies.  Until I prioritized it above TV and well, obviously gardening.

The problem with this is: If you have a creative spirit but aren’t creating anything, a part of you is caged, and desperately needs out.  So if you aren’t creating, there’s always just a little annoying thing about you that feels off.

I’ve learned that a creative spirit must create (even if what you’re creating are pictures that may be of your cat, or your husband, hard to say..).  You must choose to do something with that built up creativity.  So if you love to  paint, painting you must.  And if you’re a potter, pottering (let’s just go with it) you must.  You get the point.


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