My first Photography Class

My first photography class was yesterday.  It was so amazing!  Our instructor is a 70 year old man, who is clearly a sweet Grandpa and very funny.  While going through a powerpoint, he was discussing the settings you can shoot in.

Here was his picture to help demonstrate:


Anyway, it was 2 hours of jam-packed info.  Photography seems like one of those “the more you know the less you know” type things.

The thing that stuck out to me the most was the info. on white balance.  Here was a photo I took in my apartment, three times, each one with a different white balance setting:

Taken in the “Cloudy” white balance setting.


Taken in the “fluorescent” while balance setting.


Taken in the “tungsten” white balance setting.

Those are just three of the settings for white balance, but I finally learned how to make the lighting a little better, depending on the setting.  That has already changed my photos dramatically.  Excited to learn more!


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