Figuring Out Some Stuff

Check it out.  In class last night I was throwing around words like “f-stop, shutter speed, ISO” and other impressive terms.  I even knew with 50% certainty what they meant.  Here are some notes if you’re interested:


So while looking through my notes, and taking approximately 3 minutes to set the camera, I can semi-successfully take a photo of a subject with a blurry background:

Instead of it being a happy photo, I went for more of the “save the sad and mistreated animal commercial look”

And take a photo with the subject and background both in focus:


And take a photo that stops motion (You’re gonna have to take my word for it, the fan was really on 😉 )


And blur motion:


Taking a good photo with all aspects in mind is like carrying your toddler, his football, four bags of groceries, and their sippy cup up the the stairs.  Why do they only want to be held when it’s so impossible?!

Anyway, so while I accomplished these components above, the lighting is off in all of them.  So, eventually I hope to tie all the components together to make a great photo.





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