Review, Review, Review, and then Review Again

I am learning really quickly that unlike skipping the gym two days in a row, my brain doesn’t retain photography skills as well as my body can retain muscle.  Do you remember cramming for tests in College, using notecards?

I’m thinking about buying some notecards.  It’s really hard to remember these numbers and rules!

Here are some more pics from practice today:

Miles, on table under florescent light. Background blurred, him in focus.
Cody, on ground by large window, daylight setting, him in focus, background blurred.
Stopped the fan, Tungsten setting (Couldn’t find the right white balance option for this to be the correct color)
Blurred motion of the fan, Tungsten Setting again.

I apologize for the SAME pictures over and over.  When Freddy is napping, my options are things, and cats.  When I get more comfortable switching settings, I’ll try to take my camera out and about more 😉



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