Why I Would Have Already Quit on the Photography Goal

My Top 5 Reasons I’d like to quit photography (but can’t because I started a blog about not quitting, so crap I’m stuck with it)

  1. It’s harder than I’d like it to be.  It takes more time, money, effort, thought, practice, and more practice than I’m ready for.
  2. There are already so many people way better than I am.  Professionals around the world winning grand prizes for their work, people who just leisurely post amazing photos on facebook, and even in my Intro. class (which I thought was for beginners, REBECCA).
  3. I’d rather watch Law & Order SVU during my free time.  I know, lame.  I wonder though, how many people would be way more productive and successful if that show never existed.
  4. My environment and subjects are boring.  If you google “great photos” pretty much none of them are taken in a 2 bedroom apartment in Minnesota, of cats.  Most of those inspiring and incredible photos are from Dubai, or Portugal, or those fancy places that rich people tell their friends “You have to go, and order the caviar.”
  5. Finally, I don’t want it bad enough.  If I wanted photography to be a priority, I would have learned it by now.  Whatever we prioritize is reflected in our time.  So, switching my time use from Law & Order to Photography, has been a difficult one.  (But thanks to the pull-up challenge I no longer watch Law & Order while also plunging a spoon of peanut butter into the box of m&m’s so they stick to it- who needs peanut butter m&ms really?)

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